Our Into the Box workshops are carefully selected so that you can the make the most out of your time and investment in the conference. It might be redundant to highlight the importance of this workshop since troubleshooting is a problem everyone goes through. 

Charlie Arehart, who will be leading this workshop, makes a living out of troubleshooting servers for people. Topics covered include:  High CPU use in CF/Lucee, high memory use, long-running or hung requests, long-running queries (jdbc/ORM transactions), CF/Lucee crashing, CF/Lucee slow to start or stop, problems updating CF, problems updating the JVM underlying CF/Lucee, problems updating and tuning the CF web connector, among others. While some prefer to Google the answers, it is safe to say that many times, they won’t find the solution to their problem.

In Charlie’s words, this workshop will “not only [be about] identifying these common problems and how to understand them and how to solve them, but in so far as understanding them, how do you diagnostically tell that they're happening?”

If you’d like to attend, this workshop will be on May 6th. For the full interview and video, check out our website, Youtube page, or your podcast provider.