Next up in our podcast series we have Brad Wood, who’ll lead the Intro to BDD Workshop. To begin with, let’s start by defining a few terms. BDD stands for Behavior Driven Development, which builds on top of TDD. In Brad’s words, “BDD is kind of a natural evolution of coming up with your user stories first, your business scenarios first, and then out of those, inherently grow your unit testing suite or your integration testing suite. So, reorganizing your development shop to first appreciate the value in the utility of testing and the actual cost savings that you get in the long run and implement, meaning that is often times the first step for people.”

The aim of this workshop, with the above as evidence, is to highlight the importance of creating tests, and how they’re essential for the eventual success of your coding. While it may seem as a hassle to some, said tests will eventually save you lots of valuable time. As such, the one-day workshop will give you an understanding of how TestBox works and how to write effective tests.

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