The Conference-Edition podcast aims to provide a one-of-a-kind insight on Into the Box 2020. This episode was no exception as our host, Gavin Pickin, talked more about the famous Zero to Hero workshop. 

In this workshop, “[we’re] going to show you how Ortus Solutions builds applications. We're going to show you some great tools for like using CommandBox to scaffold out your app, using CommandBox and ForgeBox, our package manager to install some great modules. So, you'll learn about CBSecurity. We look at CBGuard, we'll be using qb and we'll mention a little bit about Quick (ORM) as well, but we're going to teach you about all these modules that we use to make our life easier and you will become a superhero because you can use all these great modules and save yourself time by doing it the right way.”

The purpose of this session is to provide a complete understanding of the ColdBox framework. It will give attendees the opportunity to learn how to work with it, manage it, and solve any problems they may encounter. Moreover, it will show them how configurable it really is. At the end of the day, the attendee will be able to build ColdBox applications. 

As evidenced above, this two- day workshop is a great opportunity to maneuver the ColdFusion world through the ColdBox framework. If interested, make sure to sign up on our website! Don’t forget, the full episode is on our Youtube channel, our website, and your podcast provider.