In a previous blog post, we mentioned the Zero to Hero workshop. As some of you may have deduced given the title, this is a continuation of said workshop. This two-day advanced Hero to Superhero workshop will feature CEO of Ortus Solutions, Luis Majano. In this API edition, you will be creating an API from scratch, then you’ll secure it, you’ll leverage it, and then build a little object model. 

Why API? Well, we live in an API-driven world. The goal is to make life easier to developers. As such, the API edition of the Hero to Superhero workshop was born. Attendees will be creating everything based on behavior and unit tests, so when they leave the workshop, they will have an entire application with 100% test code coverage.

Given the level of the course, prospective attendees need to know intermediate ColdFusion. If you’re not familiar with ColdBox, that’s fine, but it is recommended to watch online trainings. This workshop is set to be very hands-on and intensive. 

For more information and if this is of interest to you, make sure to check out the full interview on our Youtube channel, website, or your podcast provider.