For the first time in Into the Box history, we will have a workshop dedicated to Quick ORM. In this Conference Edition episode, we talk with Eric Peterson, Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions and creator of Quick.

Before continuing, we need to define a few terms. ORM is a pattern and stands for object relational mapper. It maps ColdFusion components, in this case, to the database. Before Quick, most people using an ORM with CFML dealt with a built-in solution based on Hibernate.  Quick is not based on Hibernate or any built-in solution, but it is built completely in CFML.  (It's actually built on top of some other libraries like qb, a query builder library that some people might be familiar with.)

In this workshop, Eric will teach attendees how to get started with Quick. They will learn how to integrate Quick in both in new projects and existing projects. They’re going to learn what a Quick entity is, how to define them, how to define relationships between entities, and how to grab that data from the database. They're going to talk about how to eliminate duplicate query logic, some common performance pitfalls with any database-driven application, and how Quick helps you solve them.

If you’re interested in this one day workshop, head onto and buy your ticket now. For the full interview, visit our YouTube page, our website, or your favorite podcast provider.